BAMI Products is a family run business that started out of their kitchen as a result of the CEO’s personal skin challenges. So she began making homemade soaps, and as a natural progression, began to make other skin-care products. BAMI Products needed to create an impactful healthy skin-care based brand that could compete both in the natural skin-care market as well as hair and scalp.

I am not a doctor, but I play one on this website!

From the BAMI brand vision to their packaging, their ancient family (African-based) mark was brought to life as the face of their new brand. With strong and graceful lines combined with modern techniques and clean fonts their new brand was forged!

The BAMI Products Brand series

The BAMI Products Logotype Blue & Brown

The package redesign started with their new mark and a clearly defined color. Their old look was dated, inconsistent, and hard to remember. The new design retains and builds on the brand’s blue with a new logo and eye-catching design.

Extending the BAMI Products brand into eccommerce and on-line promotions via the web required a strong brand vision and a true understanding of the BAMI consumer. The fully responsive website design will contour and configure to all browser types from smart phones to desktops and everything in between!

The BAMI team is a fun funky bunch! Therefore, their t-shirts had to be next level up! We created a logo-based series of t-shirts for the entire BAMI staff!

As the BAMI brand continues to grow, more and more branded items are being introduced! Below is the BAMI brand on display in the streets of Washington DC and the surrounding areas.

The BAMI brand is growing daily and the results are appearance! From their increased on-line presence to their outdoors display, their annual income is flourishing because of a more effective visual brand!

If your design is in need of emergency attention contact Dr. Moyo immediately and remember, I am not a doctor, but I play one on this website!

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